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March 15, 2016

LED Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor

March 15, 2016 -Dubai-UAE : As the global community increasingly recognizes the importance of energy conservation, low carbon footprints and thinking “green”, SPECTRA LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS is gearing up to provide many of the solutions that will enable the “Green Revolution.” The main focus of SPECTRA LED LIGHTS to provide efficient solid-state lighting enable greater efficiency,…

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August 26, 2015

8w 680lm LED spot Lighting

Easy Installation Installing LED lighting is no longer a hassle with spectra LED spot lamp. The product is constructed with worldwide voltage compatibility from 100-240V AC. Customers around the world can conveniently enjoy LED lighting with the spot light gu10 base with dimmable and non dimmable options. SPECTRA led lights are carefully adopted the evolution…

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